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Unregulated Residential Bridging Loans

Unregulated Residential Bridging Loan

Bridging Finance UK is a new-generation private loan provider offering personalised financial solutions to the unregulated residential bridging loan market. Thanks to our guaranteed funding lines from commercial and private funders, we are able to offer finances to clients to meet their needs. With no syndicates to co-ordinate or external investors to please, we are able to make flexible and fast decisions on even the most difficult cases.

Loan applications are decided on the value of the property offered as security, rather than the client’s ability to meet payments. Our unregulated residential bridging loans do not have any exit fees.

We Offer Funding on a Range of Securities
We provide first and second charge mortgages on most residential and commercial properties. If you have a property that you are not going to live in or use, or have any unique circumstances that do not fall into any category, you can secure an unregulated residential bridging loan. 

As we do not have any stringent credit checks or bureaucracy, we will be able to provide you with the funding you need as long as there is sufficient equity in your property. We lend against security, such as any residential, commercial or semi-commercial property or land (with planning). If you have any other type of property that you would like to offer as security, you can speak to one of our experts.

Bridging Finance UK Specialises in Providing Personalised Funding
Each loan that we provide is specifically tailored as per the exact requirements of our clients. Being a private lender, we enjoy the autonomy of making all the decisions in-house and can provide you with preliminary terms and conditions of the loan within 24 hours. We do not impose any restrictions on how you utilise the funds.

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