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Small Business Guide To Property Finance

Small Business Guide to Property Finance

At Bridging Finance UK, we understand that there are very few small business owners in the world who can afford to purchase a property outright. For them, we offer bridging loans, which give them short-term access to funds whilst other finances can be arranged. Our small business guide to property finance will give you a deep insight into the bridging loan market. 

We Offer Bridging Loans Without Red Tape
We offer bridging loans to borrowers so that they can fill any financial gap. This is a short-term loan that we offer in exchange of a security, such as residential, commercial or semi-commercial property. The loan is given on the basis of the value of the property and the exit strategy; not on the ability of the borrower to pay back the loan. Thanks to us being private lenders, we can quickly reach a decision and process your loan application within 7 working days to help in time-sensitive situations. 

Unregulated Residential Bridging Loans are Provided by Us
Our unregulated residential bridging loans can be granted on properties that you are not going to live in. If you have a unique circumstance that is resulting in banks or conventional lenders turning down your loan application, get in touch with us. 

We Offer Commercial Bridging Loans
If you are purchasing a new commercial property or business, we can provide you with a commercial bridging loan. We can provide you up to 75% LTV and fund 100% of the purchase price. 

Bridge to Let Loans Can Be Secured from Us
To secure a property that you intend to rent out, Bridging Finance UK can provide tailored bridge to let loans. The buy to let market is a highly competitive one and we can help you make a quick move. 

Our small business guide to property finance is intended to help you understand the various bridging loans available to you. For more information, give us a call.


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