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Commercial Bridging Loans


Bridging Finance UK specialises in offering commercial bridging loans against commercial property as security to individuals, as well as businesses. The properties that we lend on include investment properties, commercial and semi-commercial properties, multiple occupation properties (HMOs), farms or agricultural properties and land (with planning). With access to secure funds, fast turnaround and flexible rates, we can help safeguard your property investment.

Our Process of Commercial Bridging Loans is Quick and Easy
At Bridging Finance UK, we make getting a commercial bridging loan stress-free. We offer loans strictly against the merit or value of the property and to everyone, regardless of their status. Bank or credit check statements are not required when applying for commercial short term financing. Working with a team of some of the best financial advisers in the market with over 35 years of experience, we can arrange funds within 48 hours. 

Our Short Term Financing Can Help You Fill the Gap in Financing
If you are in need of funding immediately to close in on business opportunities, our commercial bridging loans can be the perfect solution. Our loans can be used for refinancing or purchasing of hotels, office buildings, retail property or multi-family housing, such as apartment complexes. You can also use the funds to develop raw land for commercial purposes. 

Bridging Finance UK Can Provide You With Quick Financing Solutions
At Bridging Finance UK, we are focused on providing bespoke financing solutions to individuals and businesses. Whether you need to upgrade a commercial property or purchase a new property (commercial, residential or industrial) and need funding quickly, you can rely on our dependable services. We can provide you with decisions and terms of the financing within 24 hours and process the loan in 48 hours. 

If you are having difficulty in securing a commercial bridging loan due to poor credit ratings or other arrears, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a solution for you.


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