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Bridging Loans


As the UK’s premier private loan provider, Bridging Finance UK offers quick and easy bridging loan solutions to customers requiring instant access to capital. We offer this short term loan to our customers looking to bridge the gap while other finance is acquired. From purchasing residential to commercial properties, this loan can be used for various purposes.

Our Property Finance Solutions are Not Subject to Red Tape
Red tapism is a prominent phenomenon in traditional loans, such as mortgages. At Bridging Finance UK, we are relentlessly striving to cut through red tape and offer our customers a simple and transparent funding solution. Our decisions are solely based on the merits of the security offered and a feasible exit route. 

We Offer Loans Within 48 Hours
Conventional loans may take up to several months for a high-street lender to arrange. But we can offer you bridging loans within only 48 hours of your loan application. Also, we are in a position to provide you with the terms and conditions of the funding on the very same day that you talk to us. 

Our Criteria for Offering Bridging Loans is Based on the Value of a Property
At Bridging Finance UK, we offer loans against security that can be anything from residential to commercial property or even land (with planning). The criteria for providing you the loan are purely based on the actual value of the security offered by you.  We can fund you up to 100% of the purchase value of the property. Irrespective of the applicant’s ability to repay the loan, bankruptcy or arrears, we accept all loan applications. 

At Bridging Finance UK, our bespoke bridging loans are not only limited to property purchases. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to give our funding experts a call.


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