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Bridge To Let Loans


Established by a prolific group of entrepreneurs with an innate understanding of property transactions, Bridging Finance UK has emerged as the go-to provider of bridge to let loans. Thanks to our unparalleled completion speeds and ability to provide the conditions and terms of finance within 1 hour, we enjoy an unrivalled reputation in the UK. Our secured and exclusive funding lines put us in a favourable position to offer flexible financial solutions to clients, irrespective of their status.

Fill Up Any Gap in Financing with Our Bridge to Let Loans
At Bridging Finance UK, we can provide you with the ideal solution to meet your bridge to let loan needs. This type of loan can act like a precursor to a buy to let mortgage. In the case that your residential property is deemed as uninhabitable, you will not be able to secure any mortgage funds against that property. 

However, you can access our bridge to let loans to get the funding required to refurbish your residential property. We do not have any complicated prerequisites for offering you this loan and you can pay off the bridge to let loan with the release of your buy to let mortgage funds. 

Forget Worrying About Piles of Paperwork with Bridging Finance UK
We, at Bridging Finance UK, strive hard to deliver finance in the most convenient and hassle-free manner as possible. With us, you do not have to worry about a lot of paperwork. We are a private loan provider and offer funding based on the merit and value of your property. Our team of professionals consists of experienced and expert financial advisers who can help you get the loan that will fetch you the best ROI. 

Let our bridge to let loans be one of the tools in your arsenal. To quickly refurbish your property and gain tenants, give us a call.


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