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Welcome to Bridging Finance UK - your ultimate marketplace for property financing. Established by a group of experienced property investors, our aim is to offer individuals and investors a platform to invest with property-backed loans. Our innovative approach to property lending and in-depth knowledge of property transactions have helped us emerge as the go-to lender in the UK.

We Offer Flexible Financing Solutions
We have a unique and pragmatic approach to property lending. Our methods are traditional, where decisions are purely based on the merits of the security offered. As a private mortgage provider, we can process the financing within 24 to 48 hours. Functioning with minimal bureaucracy puts us in a favourable position to cater to the specific requirements of individuals and businesses. Our strong relations with established private and commercial lenders allow us to offer bespoke financing solutions as soon as possible. Also, we have secured dedicated financing lines from hedge funds and private equity communities.


Our Expertise Lies in Offering Terms Within 1 Hour

Very few credit lenders can provide you with terms and decisions within 1 hour but Bridging Finance UK can. We specialise in making mortgages easier, hassle-free and quick. From residential to commercial and semi-commercial properties, as well as land with planning, we accept all types of property as security.

We are a Team of Experienced Property Experts
As a company founded and run by seasoned property investors, we are capable of providing the best property lending solutions in the market. Our deep industry knowledge and insight separates us from the rest.

Our specialty lies in minimal paperwork and quick processing of finance. If you have any property against which you wish to take out a loan, do not hesitate to give Bridging Finance UK a call. Our professionals will be happy to walk you through the entire process of property finance.

At Bridging Finance UK, we are focused on offering wealth managers, brokers, businesses and individuals access to the most competitive bridging loans available in the market. Our passion about property and our readiness to help everybody secure funding irrespective of status shines through our relentless effort to improve our services.

We Specialise in Property and Underwriting
Our in-depth knowledge about the needs and conditions of the UK property market gives our customers utmost confidence in the loans that we underwrite. Also, we maintain excellent relations with private and commercial lenders to be in a good position to instantly secure loans. 

Our Property Lending Solutions are Quick and Flexible
We function with minimum bureaucracy to ensure the fair and prompt assessment of each individual case. As a private lender, we enjoy complete autonomy in decision-making and can provide funds up to 100% of the purchase price within 48 hours. 

We Can Customise Our Financial Solutions
Offering bespoke property lending solutions is another forte of ours. At Bridging Finance UK, we make an honest effort to get to know our customers to offer personalised solutions. Each loan that we deliver is specifically designed around the exact requirements of our esteemed customers. 

Our Private Lending Process is Completely Transparent
Transparency is one of the paramount reasons why our customers trust and highly recommend us. Our entire team constantly strives to offer a consistent, clear and concise property lending solution. 

Our Reliability Stems from Our Many Years of Experience
We are a private mortgage lender with more than 35 years of experience in the industry. Our property finance solutions have helped countless numbers of customers over the years. You can rely on us knowing that we have first-hand knowledge on handling varied property transactions. 

Do you want a short term loan? Give the property experts at Bridging Finance UK a call. We will handle everything from here.


















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